School is currently closed for the summer holidays.


Church of England schools exist to serve the community. We welcome applications from Christian families, families of other faiths and those of none.

Summary of our admissions policy:

Priority is given to looked-after children and children with an educational and health care plan, where St Saviour’s is the named school.  70% of remaining places are foundation places, and 30% are open.  Foundation places are for children from Christian families who have worshipped at All Saints or St Nicholas or another local church for at least two years, and who live or worship in Poplar.  Open places are for children from other faiths or none.  Siblings are prioritised in both categories.

If you are transferring from another school (In-Year admissions) for a class which is oversubscribed, the same over-subscription criteria applies as above.

Read our full admissions policy for more detail here.

How do I apply?

All prospective parents need to apply using the Local Authority’s Common Application Form, available from Tower Hamlets Local Education Authority.

If you are applying for a foundation place, you will also need to complete the school’s supplementary form, available to download here, or from the school office.

For In-Year admissions, complete the  Local Authority’s Common Application Form, and if there is a place we will contact you.