School is currently closed for the summer holidays.

Our Premises and Facilities

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Our premises and facilities

Blessed by light

St Saviour’s is a single storey building with eight classes including a nursery. We are blessed by an abundance of light which fills the corridors, the classrooms and the hall. The school was imaginatively designed so that even areas without windows are lit by sky-lights. Each class has a door onto the playground which surrounds the whole school, and is presided over by the gleaming Canary Wharf towers!

Outdoor play

We have recently made a huge investment in our outdoor areas: we have adventure play areas where the children can challenge themselves; nature areas where children can grow vegetables and learn about wild-life; a story-telling theatre; a chicken run with egg-laying chickens – and we even have an orchard, all in the very centre of the inner-city.

Trees For Cities have been responsible for planting around the playground and we now have over 120 trees which equates to one tree for every two pupils!  The trees provide shade in the summer, fruits in the autumn, interesting bark in winter and beautiful blossoms in spring – the year is filled with interest.

Bigger classrooms

All our junior classrooms have recently been extended, some are now twice their original size, and all are fitted with the latest computer screen-boards.