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Our Staff



(photographs of staff are available in the class pages on the main menu)

Senior Leadership Team
Headteacher Mrs Fanoula Smith
Assistant Headteacher, Behaviour and Well-being Mrs Paula Prichard-Duggan
Assistant Headteacher, Pupil Development Ms Fiona Williams
Assistant Headteacher, Outcomes Mr Tomas Hall
Chair of Governors Mr Chris Coyles  
School Business Manager Mrs Bridget Clark  
Teaching Staff
Nursery Class Teacher Mrs Kim Simpson
Reception Class Teacher and Early Years Leader Mr Tom Dunford
Ms Harriet Butler
Year 1 Art and Design Tech Leader Mr Andrew Rowland  
Year 2 Class Teacher Mr Mark Ali  
Year 3 Class Teacher Mr Phil Warren  
Year 4 Class Teacher, ICT and P4C Leader Ms Hannah McGonigle  
Year 5 Class Teacher Ms Rosie Daly  
Year 6 Class Teacher and English Leader Ms Becky White  
SENCO, Curriculum Support Teacher, History and
Geography Leader
Mr Allan Kelly
Pastoral Staff and Specialist Services
Family Liaison Officer Rachel Sablon  
Speech and Language Therapist Heather Haley
Play Therapist Karen Raingold
Educational Psychologist Dilvender James
Visual Impairment Teacher Mark Longman
Disability Advisor Claudine Rauch
Social Worker Farzana Shaikh
Attendance and Welfare Adviser Ranu Begum
Nursery Nurse  Mrs Lindsay Nunn
Teaching Assistants Mrs Caroline Davidson  
Mrs Julie Knotts
Mrs Karen Milton-White
Mrs Eve John
Mrs Cheryl Wood
Miss Amy Poulter
Mrs Pauline Briscoe
Mrs Bobbi Wren
Mrs Jill Gosling
Mrs Kim Simpson
Ms Tracey Harris
Meals Supervisors Mrs Cheryl Wood
Mrs Karen Milton-White
Mrs Carol Beadle
Mrs Pauline Briscoe
Mrs Caroline Davidson  
Mrs Bobbi Wren
Mrs Jill Gosling
Mrs Lisa White
 Premises Staff
 Premises Manager Mr Keith Solly  
 Premises Assistant Mr Nick Porter  
Administrative Staff
School Business Manager Mrs Bridget Clark  
Family Support Officer/Attendance Officer Mrs Rachel Sablon  
Administrative Officer Miss Clare Paris
 Specialist Music Teachers
Cellos and violins Ms Nadine Nagan
Cellos and violins Mr Daniel Gea
Drums Mr Paddy Bird
Singing and composition Mr John Ward