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Our Vision and Values

Our vision and values

Our mission

St. Saviour’s was established by the National Society in 1865 for the education of children in the parish of Poplar guided by the principles of the Church of England. We have at our heart the spiritual and moral wellbeing of all our pupils, striving for excellence whist not being elitist, keeping the faith whilst remaining inclusive in serving a multicultural community. We aim to provide a good education so as to enable every child to flourish in their potential as a child of God.


Our aims

• To be a safe, happy, caring community of learners.
• To help all individuals regardless of their race, gender or disability to acquire the skills and
knowledge needed to achieve or exceed their full potential in a rapidly changing world.
• To promote the Christian faith whilst developing an understanding of and respect for a wide
range of religious values, languages and cultural traditions and different ways of life.
• To encourage an enjoyment of life-long learning, curiosity, creativity and perseverance.
• To foster the virtues of hope, honesty, friendship, fellowship, justice, endurance and reverence.
• To encourage positive parental and community involvement.
• To promote healthy lifestyles including social, emotional and mental wellbeing.
• To provide a curriculum that is inspiring, progressive, broad and balanced.
• To celebrate achievement in all fields.
• To promote our partnerships within our community in Poplar and beyond.

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Our values

• For each other and the school
• For our local community
• For God’s creation

• Aiming at the best from ourselves and for others
• Honouring our Christian values
• Valuing the difference in others

• Being open to new challenges and experiences
• Fostering creativity in everything we do
• Deepening our sense of the spirit

You can download the school prospectus here.

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