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We recognise that bullying exists in all walks of life and all at ages, and it is important that children recognise it in themselves and others and have strategies for dealing with it.

We define bullying as follows: “To bully someone is to deliberately hurt or frighten them using words or actions repeatedly or over a period of time. It often involves discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, colour and size.”

We are a Telling School (read more) which means we encourage children to tell somebody whether they are a victim of bullying, or just a bystander.

You can read our full anti-bullying policy here.

Download the St Saviour’s Behaviour Card here.

Anti-bullying with Chain Reaction. November 2018


Anti-bullying Week: 14th-18th November 2016

Download our Anti-Bullying Assembly slides here.


Children’s Charity, Kidscape, publishes guides for parents on how to keep children safe, and how to show them how to keep themselves safe whilst still going out into the world as confident and happy members of society. Click on the thumbnail to download the pdf. The first deals with children of all ages, while the second specifically deals with very young children.