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British Council Connecting Classrooms

In 2010 the British Council created a link between Tower Hamlets schools and schools in Rusizi District, Rwanda in order to share practice and expertise.  In 2011 headteachers from Rwanda came to London to create specific links between individual schools, and in 2012 head teachers from Tower Hamlets returned the visit.  St Saviour’s was linked with St Matthews Primary School in Kamembe, Rwanda.

Kenneth Neza, Headteacher at St Matthew’s Primary School visited St Saviour’s for a week in November 2013. The objectives of the partnership were discussed as well as curriculum and pastoral matters.  We look forward to developing the partnership in the coming years, and Paula Prichard, Assistant Headteacher from St Saviour’s maybe visiting Rwanda in February 2014.

“I think it is a wonderful opportunity to develop our ideas about global education, and the different issues that we face in our communities. It is important for children to see how the Anglican Faith reaches out in education in schools across the world.”


Kenneth Neza with Fanoula Smith on his recent visit to St Saviour’s from Rwanda.