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School Council and Pupil Voice

School Council and Pupil Voice


“We were voted by our class members to be the School Council because we make good decisions and have good ideas.”

Pupil voice is extremely powerful at St Saviours. Last year pupils introduced and chose the lunch clubs on offer throughout the year. They designed and chose the development of the playground by working closely with a designer from Timberline to produce the challenge trail.

They changed the school menu, revising what was on offer for every type of eater including pescaterians. They were also successful in a bid to grow their own food eventually after the second time of asking.


This year the school council redefined the lunch-time clubs, deciding who will run the clubs and what each club will do.  They have also agreed a new lunch-time menu.  Year 6 have been running a book review club as well as a singing club,   and anti-bullying ambassadors have been running a play-time club.

This year’s School Council members:

Year 6 – Scarlett and Harry
Year 5 – Shaneice and Lusine
Year 4 – Lien and Joshua
Year 3 – Madison and Rupert
Year 2 – Robbie and Malika
Year 1 – Jonah and Daylaa