School Council and Pupil Voice

School Council and Pupil Voice


“We were voted by our class members to be the School Council because we make good decisions and have good ideas.”

Pupil voice is extremely powerful at St Saviours. Last year pupils introduced and chose the lunch clubs on offer throughout the year. They designed and chose the development of the playground by working closely with a designer from Timberline to produce the challenge trail.

They changed the school menu, revising what was on offer for every type of eater including pescaterians. They were also successful in a bid to grow their own food eventually after the second time of asking.

This year school council have worked with Trees in Cities, chosen the apples that will be planted in our apple orchard to be through a fantastic afternoon of rating different varieties via tasting them! They also chose the bugs that will be sculpted just for us by wood carvers. They will be in the infant play area near the bug hotel!

The next focus is deciding what and how  to improve areas of the school our clubs and our learning.

This year’s School Council members:

Year 6 – Divine and April
Year 5 – Othoye and Jacob
Year 4 – Connie and Hugo
Year 3 – Tommy and Ananya
Year 2 – Molly and Denzel
Year 1 – Darcy and Kaelan

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