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A Storytelling School

A storytelling school

‘The school uses oral storytelling techniques extensively to support the development of writing.  The positive impact of this approach is seen in pupils’ writing books across all classes.’ Ofsted June 2014


We are proud to be a Storytelling School which means we deploy particular techniques that are founded in an oral history of telling stories to teach literacy. This way of teaching has been pioneered by Chris Smith and Pie Corbett and uses Talk for Writing techniques.

It all begins with the adult telling the children a story that is linked to the class theme. Then the teaching and learning follows a sequence involving hearing, mapping, stepping, and speaking a story before writing. This way of engaging all our senses from listening, seeing, speaking, moving, before writing. The children learn to imitate a story and acquire story language before innovating by creating their own. The proven benefits, which are many, include:

  • accelerating language learning
  • improving writing
  • increasing confidence and participation
  • engaging children with topic work
  • particularly benefitting students who start school with weaker language skills or who find reading difficult
  • boosting enjoyment and enthusiasm

We have seen all our children tell a story, play with language, imitate and innovate, learn and have fun. We have seen them excel and make pleasing progress in their writing. Chris Smith has been instrumental in bringing us to this point by providing us with high quality training over the last year. For Stories and more about the program step into the Story Museum a national treasury of stories for young and old, teachers, schools and families click here

What makes a Storytelling School:

If you would like to have fun and help your child tell exciting and creative stories you can find all you need here including a wealth of stories..