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What and How We Teach


‘The recently-revised curriculum covers a wide range of subjects and provides pupils with a rich and varied range of experiences. Adults interact with the children well and are skilled at developing every learning opportunity. ┬áThe curriculum is enhanced with many extra-activities such as music, art and sport.’ Ofsted June 2014


Download our thematic curriculum framework here

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The curriculum

We are committed to the development of the whole child through the provision of a progressive thematic curriculum which nurtures and celebrates children’s skills and talents. We aim to develop their wider personal skills through enrichment activities inclusing trips which are linked to our personalised themes. Through consistently good or outstanding teaching that inspires and motivates pupils to be life long learners and make a positive contribution to society becoming responsible local, national and global citizens.

The themes are communicated to our pupils and parents via termly class newsletters which also outline project linked home learning.

Religious education

St. Saviour’s is a Church of England School. In order for our children to grow up as caring citizens of the future, there is a commitment to faith within the school. Our framework for Religious Education is based on a syllabus organised by the head teacher with the approval of the Governors and Diocesan Board of Education. The framework ensures that the key world faiths are included so that our children learn to appreciate the Golden Rule of treating others as you yourself would like to be treated, common to all belief systems.

Any parent who wishes to withdraw their child from religious instruction must seek an interview with the head teacher to discuss suitable arrangements.

Sex education

The children in Year six (top juniors) follow a carefully planned introduction to sex education, covering puberty, adolescence and reproduction. We wish to make children aware and responsible individuals and approach this subject with honesty, openness and morality.

Although this subject is not covered at any other age group, any questions or queries from any child throughout the school will be answered truthfully and appropriately for the age of that child.

Governors anti-sexist/anti-racist statement

As a Church of England School we are aware that any form of racism is contrary to Christian teaching. Our children live in a multi racial society and will have contact both in and out of school with people with different social and cultural backgrounds. As a school with a Christian foundation emphasis is laid on the importance of the individual: we are one family and care for each other equally. Differences between individuals are to be respected and valued.

The following modes of behaviour are unacceptable by any member of our school community.

  1. Physical assault or making threats against a person or group because of colour or ethnic origin or gender.
  2. Derogatory name-calling, insults, based on race or sex.
  3. Racist and sexist graffiti or other written insults.
  4. Racist or sexist comments in the course of discussion in lessons.
  5. Provocative behaviour such as wearing of racist or sexist badges or insignia and bringing into school racist or sexist material such as leaflets, comics or magazines.
  6. Any other racist/sexist behaviour not covered by the above

Should any of these situations occur amongst the children they will be dealt with in accordance with the school’s behaviour policy. Should incidents of the above nature occur with employees at the school, they will be dealt with by the Governors grievance panel.