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Year 5

Year 5

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jacqueline_wilson_poster_crop_1_Our class author is Jacqueline Wilson, one of the UK’s best-known and best-loved writers. You can find out lots more about her and her work on her website.

Autumn Term 2 2016 Newsletter

Journey through space, the final frontier…Navigate beyond the Sun, the magnificent, blazing star at the centre of our solar system! Investigate the eight planets- Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn,Uranus and Neptune. Take a look at the Moon, a celestial body that orbits Earth. Exploring Space is probably the greatest adventure that humankind has ever undertaken. Are we alone or are there other life forms out there?

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Autumn Term 1 2016 Newsletter

Flee your fields, close your doors and pull up the drawbridge the dreaded and dealthy ‘Great Pestilence’ is here. Mount your steed and gallop through the dark and deadly world of 14th century Britain, sword and shield at the ready, pledging your allegiance to king and country. Raise your troops with promises of bloody battle and violent jousts. Read and write historical accounts, poems and tales and discover the grotesque effects of bugs and bacteria on the human body. And if you smell a rat, my friend- get out of there!

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Summer Term 2016 Newsletter

This term our topic will be ‘Is it Right to fight’. As historians we will be studying Britain since the 1930s. We will be looking at factual evidence to find out what life was like during World War II. We will be researching what it was like to be a child who may have been evacuated and we will be exploring how scarce everyday essentials like food were. We will explore rationing and will try to recreate living conditions of the time.

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Spring Term 2016 Newsletter

We have had an amazing term in Year 5! We have enjoyed our topic ‘Extreme Environments’. We were lucky enough to visit the Scienceds Museum. During the trip, we explored many artefacts from space and found about the Apollo Moon landings. We also had an interactive cinema experience showing us how it would feel to be in a rocket blasting off to the moon! In English, we have enjoyed learning about the Titanic and writing stories and explanation texts around the ‘unsinkable’ ship. We also were lucky enough to visit Shoreditch Town Hall where we met with S F Said. More recently, he also visited our school and we were able to ask him questions about our class story Varjak Paw. In Maths, we have enjoyed securing our knowledge of fractions, decimals and percentages and have been busy preparing ourselves for the Count on us Maths Challenge at City Hall.  We have enjoyed playing the 24 game, practising our code breaking skills and investigating shape using Tangrams and Pentominoes. In Science, we have been carrying out experiments to explain why stars twinkle, and have been making scale models of the solar system using fruit. We are really looking forward to next term and our new topic ‘Is it right to fight?


Autumn Term Newsletter 2015

To support your child’s home learning here are some possible ideas linked to our topic. You are welcome to be as creative as you would like. For project work: Find out about a famous Victorian inventor ,discover Victorian classroom rules and create a miniature Victorian classroom or dioramas, take photographs of famous Victorian landmarks.

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Autumn Term Newsletter 2014

Our topic this term is Changes

Important Reminders 

Homework is set on a Thursday on to be completed for the following Tuesday. Please encourage your child to read ten minutes every day, they can read to you or by themselves or on Bugclub. 

In Maths, we will be securing our knowledge in place value and five digits numbers, practising written and mental methods of addition and subtraction and learning to multiply and divide numbers by 100 and 1000. We will also be focusing on the different properties of 2D and 3D shapes and sorting and classifying them into groups. There will also be a strong focus on fractions during this term and throughout the year. 

In English, we will be learning how to use persuasive devices and techniques to write a letter to a newspaper complaining about child labour. Children will also be developing their story writing skills; focusing on short stories, from Rudyard Kipling’s writing during the Victorian period. As a class, we will also be reading ‘Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty to develop our knowledge of Victorian times even further.

In ICT we will be focusing on blogging and become familiar with blogs as a medium and understand in more depth the particular features of this as a genre of writing. Children will produce an online blog, comprising a number of posts, some of which will include additional media such as audio or video. 

In Physical Education we will be having Street Dance lessons on a Friday afternoon. As well as swimming on a Tuesday.

As Musicians, the whole class will be learning how to play the guitar on a Thursday afternoon and some children will be continuing with the violin and cello.

As Historians we will be learning about the Victorians and Queen Victoria, Victoria’s beloved Albert & her family tree. Children will look at what it was like to be a child during the Victorian times, the Victorian schoolroom – layout & contents and behaviour & punishments – be seen & not heard! 

We will also consider poverty and poor laws and the workhouses during the Victorian times. We will also be learning all about how famous local Victorians changed our education systems and the children’s lives. We will be researching evidence of learning in a Victorian workhouse and how education changed children’s lives. We may even get to see some of the St. Saviour’s documents from the last century if Mrs Smith will let us.

As Geographers we will be using maps and photographs to distinguish changes in our local area, and the impact of Victorian creativity on our architecture and transport. 

During Science, we will be discussing why living things need to reproduce and will be looking at the human life cycle, compared to other animals. 

Our class trip will be to the Ragged School Museum on Tuesday 9th September 2014. We have also been invited on a day trip to the countryside to two sites in Chiddingstone, Kent on Wednesday 10th September. Please see the letters already given out for more details. We will be having a class assembly to share our learning on: Wednesday 8th October at 3:00pm.  

To support your child’s home learning here are some possible ideas linked to our topic. You are welcome to be as creative as you would like.


For project work:

Find out about a famous Victorian inventor.

Discover Victorian classroom rules and create a miniature Victorian classroom or dioramas. 

Take photographs of famous Victorian landmarks. 


~NEW THIS YEAR~ we will be beginning to learn French with a specialist Teacher on a Wednesday afternoon. 

Finally please don’t hesitate to arrange a meeting to talk to any of us to raise any further questions or queries. Teachers are in the playground at least 5 minutes before the bell in the morning, but if you would like a longer conversation then do come and see me at the end of the day or arrange an appointment.

Yours Sincerely, Miss Williams, Mrs Knotts, Mrs Gosling and Mrs White.

Useful Links

BBC Bitesize – Key Stage 2

Primary Homework Help – A website with a whole range of games and activities to help with Literacy, Maths and a lot more.

IXL – Maths Practice Activities

Letters and Sounds – phonics resources

Online children’s word lists.

Thinkuknow – Be safe online


Supporting your child at home with maths (Year 5)

Ready to Learn – Family Action leaflet 1

Ready to Learn – Family Action leaflet 2

Ready to Learn – Family Action leaflet 3

Places to visit

The Ragged School Museum

Museum of Childhood

Museum of London Docklands

Museum of London

Mudchute City Farm


Newsletter Summer Term 2014

Our topic this term is “Is it right to fight?”.

During English we will be focusing on literature about World War II. Children will complete the reading of Anne Frank’s diary & find out more about how some Jewish children went into hiding & survived. Children will write their own recounts from this era. We will also be developing our story writing skills linked to the historical topic of WW2, using the book Rose Blance by Ian McEwan.

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Spring 2014 Newsletter:

Welcome back to an exciting new term! This half-term our topic is Extreme Environments, and this theme will be running through all our topics. We have a class assembly on Wednesday 5th February, and will be visiting the Science Museum  on 31st January. You can download the full newsletter here to find out more.

Previous Newsletters:

Year 5 Autumn Newsletter 2013 – download here